Stone Crusher Price in Pakistan

Stone Crushing Project in Pakistan

The stone crushing project is to set a complete stone crushing plant in Pakistan. The plant will be able produce crushed stones of various sizes that can be used in various construction and road projects. The product will be hard lime stone crush of different sizes as required. Working with the proposed plant and machinery, the project will be capable of producing 30,000 ton of crushed stone at 100% capacity utilization with single shift of 8 to 12 hours a day. If you want to know stone crusher plant price in Pakistan, please contact us.

Stone Products Manufacturing Process

In the stone manufacturing process, the main machinery involved in the stone crushing industry is jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, screen, belt conveyers etc. The stone materials will be first fed in to the hammer crushers to reduce it into particle size as required by the customer. In the hammer crusher, the stone is crushed. The crushed stone is screened to separate the product in different sizes by the separator. The crushed stone is delivered by the conveyors for further processing or storage.

Popular Stone Quarry Machinery

Stone crushing industry is an important industrial sector in Pakistan. The crushed stone is used as raw material for various construction applications such as construction of roads, bridges, buildings and canals etc.
Many types of stone quarry machinery involved in the stone crushing industry, such as stone extraction plant, stone mining equipment, stone quarry crusher, stone powder mill, stone processing machine, stone separation machine, beneficiation equipment etc. All these equipment are available with different specification for various applications.