Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete

Raw aggregate concrete refers to the concrete which is made of waste concrete, waste brick and waste mortar and mixed with cement mortar. In China, a large number of demolished building wastes can be recycled. If the demolished building wastes are sorted and made into recycled concrete aggregates for the reconstruction of new buildings, it can not only solve the problem of disposal of most building wastes, but also reduce the transportation and the use of natural aggregates.

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Using recycled aggregate to prepare recycled concrete is one of the main measures to develop green concrete. It can save the consumption of building materials, protect the ecological environment and benefit the sustainable development of concrete industry.

In fact, concrete refers to the general term of engineering composite materials, in which aggregates are cemented into a whole by cementitious materials. Among them, aggregate composed of sand and stone is the main raw material in concrete, which plays a skeleton and filling role in concrete and mortar. It can be said that gravel aggregate is the foundation of concrete production. In order to vigorously develop green concrete, high-quality sand and stone is indispensable.

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