Quartz Stone Processing Line

The quartz belongs to oxide mineral of trigonal system and is a kind of the most widely distributed mineral among the quartz mineral. Generally,quartz is lacte and quite solid. 

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Quartz is a kind of mineral resources, whose physical property and chemical property are very stable. Until now, SBM has designed and installed a certain number of quartz stone processing line in the world. And they have made a great contribution to the development of local economy. Here we focus on more details of quartz stone processing line. 

Flowchart of Quartz Stone Processing Line

First of all, large quartz stones are experiencing the primary crushing stage by coarse crusher.Then the crushed coarse quartz stones are delivered to the fine crusher by belt conveyor for further crushing. 

After the fine crushing stage, quartz stones enter into the vibrating screen and there are two kinds of carpolite to be got.The ones that meet the feeding size of the sand making machine will come into the sand making machine for sand making. 

The other parts return back for fine crushing. In the sand making machine, part of the carpolite are made into sand and then made into the finished product sand through the washing process by sand washing machine. 

The other part come into the sand making machine for another crushing. And then, the flowchart of quartz stone processing line is over.