Mobile Stone Crusher Manufacturers

Mobile rock crusher plant includes a comprehensive range of mobile crushing plants and mobile screens, that represent a guaranteed, state-of-the-art commitment to crushing and screening knowhow and quality. Our contracting solutions offer you true mobility, high capacity, quality end products and reliable operation. The mobile crushing plants and mobile screens are engineered and built to work together smoothly even at most demanding applications.


  • Built around the high performance jaw crusher;
  • Excellent crushing capacity and mobility;
  • Efficient screen module available.

With its sturdy construction, SBM mobile stone crusher plant is the lightest crushing and screening plant in its class, weighing only 31 tonnes, which allows easy transportation. Also it is equipped with the proven jaw crusher with its unique, bolted and pinned design that ensures a long lifetime.

The mobile crusher plant is equipped with an efficient, inclined screen, attached beneath the main conveyor. A very special feature of the screen is the ability to change the direction of rotation, which increases the productivity of the screening required by the application. Opening the screen for service or cleaning is easy and safe, thanks to the hydraulically operated system. When needed, the screen can be disassembled from the crushing plant in minutes. Screen mesh sizes of 20-70 mm can be used.

For crushing contractors, the jaw crusher plant is a highly versatile unit. It can produce either fine end materials and screen the coarse away, or vice versa. Effective screening guarantees the cleanliness of the materials even in demanding recycle applications. A wide variety of options including remote radio control and water spraying system are available.