Mobile Jaw Crusher Operation

 In modern time, mining industry is highly developed; many types of high advanced mining equipment are designed. Cost reduction in production process is a major to be considered. Therefore, for quarries it is also necessary to review where money can be saved in order to increase profits and face challenging market prices. There are three main steps in designing a good crushing plant:  process design, equipment selection, and layout. It is important to choose proper crushing equipment with high production capacity.

Mobile Jaw Crusher Machine

Mobile jaw crusher is the favorite machine for primary crushing. The new type mobile jaw crusher is designed with the by-pass chute concept with an optional side conveyor, which offers versatile working applications according to the required crushing process. Material from the feeder can be separated using the side conveyor, guided to the main conveyor, or the grizzly undersize can be divided between the two when required, using an optional screen deck attached to the feeder arrangement. An innovative interlocking cable between the plants ensures a smooth, continuous production process. SBM mobile jaw crusher operation is convenient and reliable. 

Mobile Jaw Crusher Operation

The crushing machine needs to be operated and maintained by trained technical workers. Here are some operation attentions. Never try to check or maintain the quarry jaw crusher while it is in operation. Always stop the equipment, lockout power and tag controls before the following behaviors:

  • Performing any lubrication, maintenance, adjustments or repairs.
  • Removing spilled materials.
  • Clearing jams or working inside the machinery.
  • If any unusual noises or sudden changes in operation are noticed.