Mobile Gravel Crushing Plant

Gravel is an important construction material, which plays a great role in the construction industry. However, some gravel quarries are so rugged that stationary gravel crushing machines can reach. However, mobile gravel crushing plant can well solve this problem. Nowadays, more and more customers have come to purchase our mobile gravel crushing plant, and then let us have a look at more details of mobile gravel crushing plant. 

Specifications of Gravel in the Industry

As an important construction material, gravel has a lots of application in the construction industry. Gravel is rock that is of a specific particle size range. Specifically, it is any loose rock that is larger than 2 mm (0.079 in) in its smallest dimension (about 1/12 of an inch) and no more than 64 mm (2.5 in). The next smaller size class in geology is sand, which is >0.0625 to 2 mm (0.0025 to 0.0787 in) in size. 

The next larger size is cobble, which is >64 to 256 mm (2.5 to 10.1 in). Gravel can be sub-categorized into granule (>2 to 4 mm/0.079 to 0.16 in) and pebble (>4 to 64 mm/0.16 to 2.5 in). One cubic yard of gravel typically weighs about 3000 pounds (or a cubic meter is about 1,800 kilograms).

Gravel Crushing Plant

For gravel investors, it is a concerning problem that how to increase the gravel mining scale and output. According to mining experts, high efficiency gravel crushing plant can significantly not improve the quality of gravel products, but also increase the output. As for the types of gravel crushing plants, they include the primary gravel crusher and secondary gravel crusher. Usually, jaw crusher can be used as the primary gravel crusher. You can change its finished size according to your requirements just by adjusting the devices.

 Impact crusher is often used as secondary gravel crusher. The spotlight of impact crusher for gravel crushing is that the finished size is of uniform since its finished power is in good, cubic shape and without tensility and cranny. The final product of the impact crusher is greatly used in highway and railway surface as well as water and electricity industry. Impact crusher is the ideal choice for gravel crushing and screening.