Mini Mobile Stone Crusher for Sale

Small scale stone mining is an important part of mining industry. Small scale mining projects produce and provide many different metals and minerals for the world market. There are two main forms of small-scale mining: extraction from primary and extraction from secondary deposits. Extraction from primary deposits means that the ore is taken directly from the stone.

Extraction from secondary deposits means that the ore is found in sand and gravel in rivers and torrents. SBM provides various types of small scale crushing machine and mini mobile stone crusher for sale.

Mobile Stone Processing Application

Stone and crushed stone products are first removed from the deposit by drilling and blasting, and then conveyed to for further processing application. Techniques used for stone extraction differ due to the property and location of the deposit. The stone and stone processing may include crushing, grinding, screening, size classification, material handling and storage process.

The screens separate large boulders from finer stones that do not require primary crushing, thus reducing the load to the primary crusher. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, or gyratory crushers are usually used for primary crushing stage. Mobile stone processing is an advanced concept and technology. The machinery can be easily moved on the working site, greatly saving working time and transportation cost.