How To Deal With Jaw Crusher Parking

During the course of operating jaw crusher, often the jaw crusher parking situation may be met all of a sudden. At this time, in the event the operator can't discover the cause of jaw crusher parking and restore it immediately, the increased injury is going to be triggered and all of stone item must be forced cease operation, so the abnormal jaw crusher parking will bring excellent reduction to enterprise. Well, why the jaw crusher parking and just how to deal with jaw crusher parking in operation process are extremely important. 

How To Deal With Jaw Crusher Parking In Operation Process

  • 1. In the method of jaw crusher operation, some employees will keep adding on the ore materials to feed the inlet. As a result, the feeding material will be greater than the carrying capacity in the machine, it's going to lead to a blockage in the inlet. The jaw crusher parking will take place within this circumstance, the operators should clean up the crushing cavity prior to restarting, and evenly feed the materials in order to avoid jaw crusher parking; 
  • 2. Jaw Crusher is transmitted electrical power by the drive belt, so if improper belt stress will lead to jaw crusher parking. So the belt needs to be checked just before you start the machine every time to determine in case the below belt is appropriate;
  • 3. Timely verify up each of the bolts of jaw crusher machine, the loosen bolts also may cause jaw crusher parking in the course of operation.