Construction Waste Processing Plants

Construction debris not only has great environmental benefits, will also generate huge economic benefits. A lot of waste in the construction waste sorting, removed or crushed, most of them can be used as the re-use of renewable resources.Faced with an increasingly prominent problem of urban construction waste, a lot of successful practices in developed countries can provide us with a reference basis.Therefore, construction waste processing equipment has great application prospects.

Construction Waste Processing Plants and Processing Flow

Processing Plants

The construction waste crushing plant, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, cement scales, blenders, conveyor belt, sent to board, pump station, block molding machine, the computer control cabinet, sent brick, abrasive,transshipment forklift, construction waste recycled aggregate, automatic code brick, building the garbage generated the brick.

Processing Flow Feeding: raw materials directly sent by the loader hopper, by silo into GZT1038 vibrating feeder, materials feeder evenly into the YPS-60 construction waste crusher; Broken: the materials after YPS Garbage crusher by belt conveyor 3YA1860 efficient circular vibrating screen separator sent; Screening: crushed material efficient vibrating screen after 3YA1860 sieved into three kinds of material: 0-10mm material by belt conveyor to the finished material field; Wood and other debris belt conveyor to the scrap yard; Of large materials via belt conveyor returned to the YPS-60 Garbage crusher to be crushed again. The brick-making process: After the construction waste crushing plant crushing, screening recycled aggregate formation by bulldozers sent to batching machine, then sent to the mixer after cement weigher; cement silo cement after batching machine, conveyor belt to the mixer ; recycled aggregate and cement the same blender was sent by conveyor belt sent to board machine, and then send brick block making machine, abrasive and automatic code brick, and a variety of brick.