Cone Crusher Backup Ring

Cone crusher consist of frame, transmission device, hollow eccentric shaft, bowl-shaped bearing, crushing cone, springs and hydraulic pressure station for adjusting discharge opening. Cone crusher backup ring is plays an important role in the composition of cone crusher and it is also an important cone crusher spare part.


Backup ring introduction

A back-up ring is a rigid ring that holds an elastomeric seal to its designed shape and in its correct place. Consider the problem of sealing the piston inside a pneumatic cylinder: in order to prevent leakage, a soft and flexible material is required, but the same properties may leave the seal material vulnerable to being pulled out of its seat and then pinched or torn in the (too narrow) space between piston and cylinder wall.  Back up rings are commonly used with O-rings, lip seals, and as reciprocating shaft seals.

Cone crusher backup ring supplier

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