Coal Processing Plant Supplier

In coal production process, raw coal is first crushed by coal crushers to a size of 20 to 25 mm and is then fed to coal bunkers and then conveyed to coal mill as per requirement. Coal will be grinded in pulverizing stage. 

Coal particles get re-circulated around four times before achieving required fineness. Classifier allows finer particles to escape mill outlet while coarse particles are returned to mill for further grinding. Hot primary air drives moisture from coal and acts as carrier to transport pulverized coal to the boiler through pipes. 

SBM has been dedicated in manufacturing mining and processing equipment for decades. We have been a world famous coal processing plant supplier.

Coal Processing Plant

As referred in the last paragraph, several different stages are involved in the coal processing including mining, crushing, grinding and screening etc. Certain coal preparation equipment will be applied in each stage for producing requirement products. As a world class coal processing plant supplier, we provide complete series of coal handling equipment for sale. SBM also provides professional consulting service about coal preparation and beneficiation technology.

  • Coal mining equipment: coal is generally mined by underground mining method or open pit mining method according to coal deposit property and geography. Coal quarry machine, extraction plant and mining equipment will be applied.
  • Coal crushing plant: coal crushing is the first processing in size reduction. It breaks the blocks into small particle size. The often used coal crusher includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and mobile crusher.
  • Coal grinding mill: grinding is the final and crucial stage in size reduction. It produces final particle size and prepares for further processing. Coal powder mill for sale includes ball mill, vertical mill, coarse powder mill, ultrafine mill etc.
  • Coal screening machine is applied to separate different particle size. It is an important auxiliary process to help the whole smooth processing operation.