Chrome Ore Sand Making Process

Improve technology and efficiency of chrome ore processing equipment, and also the problems faced by the whole sand making equipment industry, which is the development trend of the sand making production line equipment. Our products have reached the energy saving and eliminate backward production capacity requirements, brave to give up the high production costs, high energy consumption, low output models jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher (sand making machine) and the production of such equipment, and continuously improve the production capacity of the large model equipment. Our products have different models and a variety of production capacity. 

Chrome Ore Sand Making Process

Chrome ore production line process: Ore - jaw crusher - belt conveyor - silo - rod mill grinding - drum sieve - Shaker re-election - finished drying.

1.Ore crushing: ore feed to the crusher, the crushed particles control the following 20mm transported via belt conveyor to the rod mill silo crusher for intermittent work, the size of the silo to meet crusher overhaul lubrication time is appropriate;

2.Rod mill feed control by electromagnetic feeder evenly feed: rod mill feed, while giving into the rod mill, installed at the bottom of the silo feeder for automatic control, material and water, with a uniform quantitative feed and the role to prevent the blockage of the silo;

3.Grinding: rod mill for wet grinding, steel bars, steel bars loaded with rod mill shell length of the rod mill in isometric ratio according to the product size is 0.2mm ~ 0.45mm configuration, contact line, due to the rod mill grinding operations effective control over crushed, the maximum output of qualified products;

4.Screening: rod mill discharge directly into the trommel drum sieve segment configuration screen, the inner layer of protective skeleton, the mesh wrapped skeleton qualified granularity into the material pool pumping by the glue to Shaker sorting, a small number of large particles sent out by the head, artificial sent rod mill regrinding;

5.Re-election: Chrome ore beneficiation 6S Shaker re-election, a double bed surface gravity gradient field oscillation in the water environment, based on the difference in specific gravity of material to exclude impurities from pinchout angle belt output qualified chrome ore;

6.Chrome ore drying: rotary drum dryer, heat from the feed end into the downstream operation, heat loss after the discharge, feed zone the inner propeller wet material, the middle of the lifting plate to prevent compaction. Random sealing device with access to materials, such as coal-fired simple masonry firebrick stove can be the feed end. Rotary drum dryer for continuous operation equipment, the best continuous production, to avoid repeating boot warm-up due to heat loss.