Belt Conveyor Use And Maintenance

The principle part from the conveyor belt is transport materials for the following method. The motor delivers drive power. The pace of belt conveyor is usually adjusted by means of inverter or speed ratio manage device. The belt conveyor use is wide, primarily connects jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand washing machine and also other equipment. The following will deliver the belt conveyor use and maintenance data for that readers. 

1. Belt conveyor use or operation. Check out the belt conveyor in order to avoid barrier on it ahead of shut down the machine, get rid of the barrier if have. Examine the power stress when belt convey at do the job, to make sure the ordinary electrical power stress in belt convey use. If all components of belt conveyor are standard, the operator can power off the machine.

2. Belt conveyor servicing. Each day, the operators should check out the drive motor and reduction gear, inspect wether the belt is loosen and modify timely. Every month, check wether the belt is elongated and timely adjust; examine the growth cylinder to ensure it is actually flexible, timely fix if it's not; check the goodness of match involving transmission chain wheel, timely alter and add lubricating oil to chain. Use air gun to clean the dust during the control box of belt conveyor, to prevent accident. Do an excellent upkeep for belt conveyor each and every yr, examine the damage degree of just about every section of belt conveyor. If the operators can adopt this technique to make use of belt conveyor, the machine will includes a long making use of lifestyle.