Belt Conveyor Machine's Classification And Function

Belt Conveyor Machine's Classification

The classification of belt conveyor machine is several, based on the application, the belt conveyor machine is usually divided into popular use belt conveyor, antiflaming and antistatic belt conveyor, heat-resisting belt conveyor, oil resistance belt conveyor, cold-resistant belt conveyor and so on. Based on the product structure, the belt conveyor machine can be divided into layering belt conveyor, complete core belt conveyor, steel wirerope cone belt conveyor, steel cable belt conveyor, tubular belt conveyor, decorative pattern belt conveyor, flange belt conveyor, reduction layer belt conveyor and so forth. SBM can present various of belt conveyor machines for consumers' distinct requirements. SBM also give all types of mine crushers, like jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and so forth.

Belt Conveyor Machine's Function

The belt conveyor machine plays a significant role in loading and transporting material. The belt conveyor is actually a composite item of rubber, fiber and metals, or composite material and plastic. Belt conveyors in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises are extensively utilized in transportation of sound bulk and transport all sorts of powder-like elements or items. The belt conveyor machine can transport constantly, with all the options of large efficiency, big angle, risk-free operation, easy to use, easy maintenance, low cost freight, and may shorten the transport distance, decrease building charges, conserve manpower and resources for producers to deliver great convenience, it can be more hassle-free and saving energy.