Barite Ore Processing Equipment

Overview of Barite ore Processing 

Commercial barite ore is mined from surface or near-surface deposits by open-pit or underground mining methods. The broken ore is trucked to the processing plant where it may be washed by washer or trommel screen to remove adhering clay and low-grade fines before reduction by jaw or impact crusher to 25 cm or finer for further processing. 

The degree of further processing and concentration depends on the grade of ore, identified end use, and liberation size (i.e., the size at which the barite is essentially free of contaminating impurities). If a further size reduction is required, this can be accomplished by jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, or roll crushers.

Barite ore Market Analysis

One of the primary uses of barite ore is making weighing agents in oil extraction. Barite ore is finely crushed and mixed with water forming a mixture known as thixotropic mud. The mixture is now pumped into drill stem for oil rigging. One of the major uses of barite is in medical science. Special X-ray tests designed for examining colons and intestines, use barite. 

Actually, barite acts an enema for patients who are being treating for any intestinal disorders and gives a clear picture of the organs during scan. Due to those wide applications of barite ore, the market potential of barite ore is so enormous that more and more mining investors purchase barite ore processing equipment or barite ore mining equipment. 

Nowadays, barite ore is abundant in Spain, China, Australia, Morocco, United States and England. In the long term, investing the barite ore is absolutely a wise and profitable choice.