Aggregate Washing Machine Manufacturer

Aggregate washing machine also named aggregate washer is washing equipment for washing natural aggregate and artificial aggregate in gravel quarries, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water utilities, concrete mixing stations etc. So aggregate washing machine manufacturer is more in the market.

Sand Washing Plant Operate Principle

Operate when the power unit by means of V-belt, reducer, gear reducer driven impeller rotating slowly, sand and gravel in to the wash tank towards the trough inside the impeller, driven by rolling and grinding every other, except to cover the gravel surface impurities. The destruction of your vapor layer of the coated sand at the exact same time, so that you can facilitate dehydration; adds water to kind a strong water flow, timely impurities along with a smaller proportion of foreign body away, and discharged from the wash tank overflow expert to complete the cleaning impact. Clean sand from the leaves away, the final sand and gravel from the rotation with the impeller into the trough to complete the cleaning effect on the gravel.