Vertical Roller Mill Operation

The vertical roller mill operation system includes a series of machines, such as the host, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, adjustment bin, closed feeding machine, vertical roller mill, hot blast stove, pipeline, bag-type dust collector, final products, silencer and draught fan. Reasonable operation and regular maintenance is very important.

Operation And Maintenance

  • When the vertical roller mill working, you should observed the wind speed and input air, and they should not be too small.
  • Good control of material layer. If the material layer is too thick or too thin, it will cause the vertical mill shock.
  • The grinding materials can not have too large metal.
  • Keep the vertical mill's main motor electric current and pressure gate steady.

Vertical Roller Mill Operation Animation

On the principle of operation, vertical mill grind materials with lower energy consumption. Grinding system power consumption is lower than the ball mill by 20% ~ 30%. And with the increase of water in the raw materials, the electricity saving effect is more obvious. Vertical mill in the work doesn¡¯t have steel ball mill colliding with each other as well as the clang of lining board, so the noise is small. In addition, the vertical mill adopts closed system, the system work under negative pressure, no dust, and clean for the working environment.