Iron Ore Processing Plant

Professional Iron Ore Processing Plant Sale

The whole and iron ore processing plant includes mining process, crushing process, concentrating and beneficiation process. Mining iron ore begins at ground level.To uncover taconite reserves, the mine area is first "stripped" of the overburden or glacial drift, comprised primarily of rock, clay and gravel.

Iron Ore Processing Plant

Major improvements in the iron ore processing plant technology

  • Higher separation efficiency;
  • Higher flexibility;
  • Higher capacity in a single unit;
  • Magnetic field is independently adjustable for each rotor;
  • Cleaner-/Scavenger operation in a single possible;
  • Increased matrix area at constant rotor diameters;
  • Width of magnetic poles is adjustable;
  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Higher operation reliability;
  • Easier access for maintenance by increased distance between the rotors.

Iron Ore Crushing

Iron ore crusher can procedure iron ore with dimension as wide as 200mm and the outsize is smaller sized than 10mm. According to the crushing stage, Iron ore crushers are divided into 3 kinds: main crusher, secondary crusher and tertiary crusher.

Iron Ore Grinding

Ball mill is the most commonly iron ore grinding machinery in the secondary stages. Compared with many other grinding mills, the capacity of ball mill is higher and it do be a kind of high performance and price ratio iron ore beneficiation equipment.

Iron ore screening plant performs for the duration of the entire iron ore processing flow from crushing, grinding to concentration course of action. Iron ore screening plant is featured with very simple structure, lengthy service time, higher screening ratio and higher efficiency.