Construction Waste Recycling Production Line

When the raw material for processing is urban construction waste

First Step

The raw materials are put into the factory and stacked in a 10,000 square meter storage shed. The raw materials are sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder under the raw material warehouse for coarse crushed.

After separating the scrap steel with a band-type iron remover, artificially selected large pieces of rags, wood and other non-crushable organic debris can be used as fuel and transported to the waste power plant for power generation.

The magnetic non-crushable materials such as rebar and iron wire recovered by magnetic separation are basically separated from the concrete and automatically selected by the armored belt magnetic separator, which can be sent to the steelmaking furnace for remelting steelmaking.

Second Step

Construction Waste Recycling Production Line

The construction waste that has been subjected to coarse-magnetism separation is transported by a belt conveyor to a primary screen for removing impurities and soils.

  • Over the vibratings creen material through the mesh belt light material separation and dust removal integrated system dust selected small pieces of rags, plastic tape, wood and other organic debris, can be used as fuel, transported to the garbage power plant power generation;
  • Below the vibratings creen material is soil and weathered soft material (about 15%), can be used as land, planting organic vegetables, fruit trees backfill raw materials;

Third Step

The pre-screened and decontaminated building waste is transported by a belt conveyor into a buffering silo, and then processed by a impact crusher. After being conveyed by the belt conveyor and the band separator, the magnetic unbreakable material such as steel and iron wire is removed again. , enter the second inspection screening machine for screening

  1. The first layer of screen material +40mm clean and hard material return impact crusher closed circuit circulation broken to 0-40mm,
  2. The second layer of screened material is 10-40 mm high-strength clean aggregate into the high-quality mechanism gravel production system for self-grinding, producing high-quality construction waste system sand;
  3. The third layer of sieves and sieves are respectively 3-10mm and 0-3mm fine aggregates. They are conveyed by the belt conveyor and separated by the light material of the finished product into the silo, among which 0-3 fines Wetted wet machine, used for block, brick raw materials.