Artificial Sand Making Process

New Trend In Artificial Sand Production

Artificial sand is a more sustainable construction material than natural sand. Here involves finding ways to make crushed sand perform as well or better than natural sand by utilizing its intrinsic properties.

Artificial Sand Making Process

In depth production line and creating method involve: the raw material is fed frequently by the vibrating feeder for crushing. The crushed material is then transported by belt conveyor to the following vibrating screen for separation.

Artificial Sand Making Process

Suitable sizes could be transported towards the sand producing machine straight, while unrequited materials will be returned for the secondary jaw/cone crusher for repeated crushing until finding essential sizes. Unrequested item will likely be returned towards the sand producing machine for repeated crushing until receiving all needed size.

    Different types of fine aggregates:
  • (1) High-quality, 0/8 mm natural glaciofluvial sand from Norway;
  • (2) Low-quality, 0/8 mm co-generated material of coarse crushed aggregate production (should not be called crushed or manufactured sand);
  • (3) High-quality, 0/8 mm crushed sand, produced using an optimized crushing circuit and VSI sand shaping machine.

Artificial Sand Application On The Aggregates Market

First, a good quality sand can have a huge impact on the cement consumption needed to produce concrete with desired properties; second, the availability of good natural resources is almost exhausted in many parts of the world.

The current state-of-the-art for crushed sand production is VSI shaping, Increased demand for crushed sand, the artificial sand making machine demand will increase.